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Movie: Rush Hour, Double Jeopardy and Bring It On
Hobbies: shopping, trampoline, swimming, computers
Show: Full House, Friends, and Practice
Color: Limegreen - Blue
Gym Memory: making the national team
Female Gymnasts: Elise Ray, Ekaterina Lobaznyuk, Andreea Raducan
Male Gymnast: Alexei Nemov
School Subject: math
Favorite Actress: Julia Roberts
Actor: Brad Pitt, Chris Tucker
Animal: monkey
Scent: "Love Spell" and "Country Apple"
Breed of Dog: Sheltie
Competition: 2001 USA's
Store: Abercrombie Kids and Limited 2
Event to compete: floor
Event to practice: bars
Food: cereal
Fruit: strawberries
Drink: any kind of juice
Number: 6
Music: rap
Singer or Band: Eminem

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