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>> Diary

August 11, 2002:

Dear Diary,
I just got back from U.S. Classics a couple weeks ago in Virginia Beach. As you guys probably know I just competed bars. I didn't do every event because my foot is still hurting a little bit. I was going to petition to championships in Cleveland, Ohio because I thought my foot would be feeling better if I stayed off a couple more days. Well my foot is feeling a lot better, but I'm not quite ready for the meet so I am just going to train really hard for next year. Even though my petition did pass, and they were going to let me in. Me and my coaches decided it was better for me to stay and train. Well I'm back training at brown's in houston, and I love it here. The new coaches are awesome. I really love them. Well I have to go now. Bye!

October 31, 2001

Hey everyone!!! Thanx so much for coming to the site. Alex has done a great job on it. Well, i leave for camp soon, and i'm really excited!! I get to see my old friends and meet new ones! I have a couple of new skills, and i'm real excited to show everyone! It's really fun at camp even though its hard work. After i get home from camp on the 15 of November, i will write and tell you all how it went!! TTYL!!!! ByeBye and also HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!
- Meagan

August 13, 2001:

Hi guys, I just back from Philladelphia and decided to tell yall what happened. After the first day of competetion I was in 18th place and I knew I had to do better the next day. We started on floor the next day, and I fell on my first pass. I was so dissapointed. I knew if I didn't make the other events I wouldn't make the team. But it all came down to beam at the end at I made like the best routine I had ever done for a 9.25. That moved me in to 15th place to make the team. I was really excited to make the team for the first time. Well I will write again sometime soon thanx for comin to the site. bye.
- Meagan

August 1, 2001:

Hi! Sorry I haven't written yet, I've been so busy and I'm leaving for USA's on Monday and I'm really excited. I've never been to Philadelphia before and I will write a longer letter next time. When I get back from USA's I will figure out how to do it myself, when I'm not sooooooo busy. I feel bad cause I'm always so busy and can't ever do that much on the website. - Meagan

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