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Young Meagan Browning, a Texas gymnast, is becoming a huge force in the gymnastics world. This international gymnast, a member of Team USA trains nearly daily, spent much of her gymnastics life (about fourty hours a week!) Meagan had many goals in the world of gymnastics and has displayed the skills and talent to accomplish nearly anything she can dream.

Meagan began gymnastics when she was only three years old, in 1991 and quickly rose to the top. She was a member of the 2001 US National team and had an amazing performance all-around, yet bars was her masterpiece, where she finishe d second. 2002 has been tough for Meagan, who is overcoming an injury and at the US Classic competed only on bars. She entered a petition to compete at Nationals, and it was accepted. However, after some further discussion with her coaches, they decided it would be best if Meagan continued to nurse her injury and not take any more risk. Some of Meagan's goals include hopes to become a member of the 2003 World Team, and 2004 Olympic Team. She also hopes to compete for the UCLA Gymnastics Team in the future. Without a doubt though, wherever Meagan ends up in gymnastics she will have success!

Despite her injury, Meagan is still having an improving 2002 season. She continues to work her hardest in the gym to get ready for some of her upcoming meets. Meagan is a risk-taker, and this is evident in almost all of her gymnastics. Her big skills, and beautiful form and sure to take her far in the sport!

The daughter of Jana and Troy Browning, Meagan, born January 8, 1988, is not just busy with gymnastics, but many other aspects of her life. She is a high school freshmen and her favorite subject is math. She hopes to go to UCLA to become a doctor.

On the whole, Meagan is a solid all-arounder. However, she is most recognized for her bar work. She is a dedicated athlete and as a result, her amazing skills and talent emerge at any competition she enters. On bars she performs Jaegers, and her favorite skill of all, a full twisting double layout dismount! She is also training some other exceptional skills such as her whip double arabian on floor. Meagan's focus, long training hours, and natural talent will certainly take her far in the sport of gymnastics!

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