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Meagan trys her best to answer all of your questions. Keep sending them in! The newest questions are at the bottom of this page.

1. Hi Meagan! Well I have a question. I'm in gymnastics and I just started. We're learning back walkovers. Can you give me some tips on how to do them right. From, Meghan
Well Meghan, when you do your back walkover, make sure you have really straight arms, legs and pointed toes. If you just stay tight, let your back bend you will be just fine. Make sure to always focus!!

2. Hi Meagan, can you please tell me who inspired you to be a gymnast? Was it your parents? Grandparents? Or do you feel this was your ultimate goal in your young life. Love from Gulf Breeze, FL. Hope to see you soon. Also! You have such a dedicated family that supports you all the way. - Susie Stockard
I think my sister (Karlee) inspired me to a gymnast. Also i was always jumping all around the house, and my parents thought it was a good sport for me.

3. Were you ever scared of giants? If did you get over it? -Mae
I don't think i was scared of giants ever! Though there are skills that i was scared of, but you can always get through them. Just listen to what your coaches say, and focus really hard on what your doing! You will soon get them.

4. How old are you? - Amber
I will be 15 in January!

5. Where do you train now?
I train at Brown's Gymnastics.

6. What is your favorite skill?
My favorite skill would have to be my dismount on bars. It's a double double! Challenging but fun.

7. Do you have to follow a strict diet as an elite gymnast?
Yes, i try to eat very healthy! It's good for your body!!

8. Are you going to win gold at the 2004 olympic games? -Kiki
Well 2004 is a long way away. I have to take every meet by meet!! But of course that is my dream, and that's what i'm working for!

9. Do you give out autographed pictures? - Jaclyn
Yes, I do.

10. How many hours a week do ya train? - Holly
40 hours a week!

11. Do you ever get nervous? If so, what do you do to help? - Chelsey
I do usually get nervous at the meets! But, mostly every gymnast does!! To help I just keep going through my routines in my mind, and telling myself to stay focused!! It really helps!

13. Hi Meagan! What is your favorite part about training? - Tracy
My favorite part about training is getting to learn new skills!!

14. How long have you been an elite gymnast? - Ashley
I have been an elite for 3 1/2 years. I started in 1999 as a child elite, and now I have competed 3 years as an international elite.

15. Hi Meagan, I've been taking gym for 4 years, but I just started doing the bars, vault, beam, etc. Do you think 10 is too old to try and compete? I am a very hard worker and it is a dream of mine to climb the levels and compete. Please write back! - Katelyn
Katelyn, 10 is defently no too old to start. My friend Brandi Personette started gymnastics when she was 8 and she is doing awesome. You will just have to work really hard on everything you do.

16. Have you ever been so frustrated by something you couldn't do on an event that you wanted to quit gymnastics? -Lisa
Unfortunately, yes I have. It's not a bad thing or unusual at all. You just have to keep going and you will reach your dream.

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